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Stay safe whether you're staying or going

You'll get maximum protection no matter when you choose the alarm system!


Turn on all motion sensors in your home or business with the touch of a button, or activate only the perimeter security sensors by selecting the "STAY" option.


The versatility of the NetworX system is key, because it ensures that you can completely protect your home while you're away by using the "EXIT" option, which activates all sensors, including motion sensors. When you're at home, you can protect yourself with the "STAY" feature without fear of setting off your own motion detectors. It's 2 alarm systems in 1!

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Meet your new keypad

Emergency keys

A column of keys on the left side of your keypad can be programmed to contact the appropriate emergency personnel. Simply touch a button to be connected with the police, fire department, or first response paramedics!


Code keypad

Choose your own code and disarm the system swiftly and easily. Your keypad's raised, back-lit keys will be easy to use, even in a dark room. You'll never have to worry about failing to disarm your own alarm system!


Function keys

Your alarm system will be a powerful and versatile set up, with lots of different functions. To make it even more user-friendly, the NetworX system keypad features 5 function buttons. These shortcuts bring one-touch simplicity to the most common features.

You'll get better service from the family owned team.

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