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Make it easy to control your alarm

You carry your smartphone just about everywhere you go. Why not control your alarm with that same device?


When you work with, you can! Use secure and reliable wireless technology to keep tabs on your system and your home or business. Gain a portable remote for your system without adding anything new to carry.


Check the system and sensors, arm or disarm your alarm from anywhere, manage system access for multiple users, search up to 60 days of activity history, customize notification settings, and much more! It's all easy when you work with's simple user interface.

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Maximize your protection

Get real-time updates on your system

When your alarm goes off, you'll know right away. That's because the system offers real-time updates of key events, including alarms, power outages, and power restorations. Never be left in the dark!


Customize your experience

You can set your own standards for notification when you use's simple mobile app. Be alerted to any non-alarm activity that you're interested in, and always keep tabs on what's going on in your home or business.


Arm and disarm your system with ease

Activate and deactivate your alarm from afar, and get a helpful reminder if the system hasn't been armed by its usual time. You'll be able to track all activity and determine when, and by whom, your system was disarmed.

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